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1/2 Gallon
This size will feed a small family for many meals.
Price: $31.00
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1/2 Pint
The 1/2 pint is small.  This, also, makes a wonderful gift.  The size is perfect for a taste of New Hampshire.
Price: $7.00
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Perfect size for two.  Makes a great gift for giving.
Price: $10.00
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This is the most popular size for syrup. Large enough for a family for a few meals of pancakes, or french toast.
Price: $18.50
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Small Gift Basket
 Lovely Maple Syrup Gift Basket
Price: $27.75
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Small Maple Leaf

We take orers for the little maple leaf, so contact us for your needs. 
  **This is just the perfect size for Wedding Favors. 
  **A small gift to give to someone special. 
  **Corporate gifts!
  **Wonderful Thank you gift. 
Price: $4.50
Out of Stock
 T-Shirt with Presby's Maple Farm LLC logo on front and back
Price: $12.00
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