Brad out tapping for the season.  Nice day for working in the woods.

We even had help!  Thank you Ryan!
It was great having visitors, too.  They even helped pull down the lines.

All painted and ready for new pans.


Brad ready to go get his new pans at Bascom Maple Farms. He is doing the Happy Dance! Wish I would have had a video camera.
This is where we stopped for breakfast on the way to Bascom Maple Farms. Brad writes little notes on the receipts for me and I just had to archive this one.

"How do we do this?"

The pans have to come out of the crates, then get put on the arch.

"Let's get this right the first time!" 

The new pans are rather shiny!

Oh, almost done!

"Plumbing!" Cousin Bret will help.