Where Pesky came from

White Mountains of New Hampshire

White Mountains of New Hampshire

Pesky came from a large family.  He had many brothers and sisters.  Not only that, but oodles of aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, third cousins, forth cousins (oh, you get the picture!)  Everyone lived in harmony, but it was time for Pesky to move on, make his own way, and eventually meet a Mrs. Pesky and have his own Pesky little ones.

Before he actually decided to leave the nest and start out on his own for a new adventure, he dreamed about his ideal location.  There were things that he knew he wanted, and things he knew he did not.  The new location could not have a dog.  That would be disastrous.  It could not have a pool.  That was an accident just waiting to happen.  And it could not be in the city.  No trees in a city.

There had to be a house with a stone fireplace.  It couldn’t be a brick one.  It had to be stone.  Stone fireplaces made such good places to store nuts.  The house couldn’t be too big, smaller was better.  It could not have many humans around.  There had to be a field with woods on two sides with lots of trees.  A rather long drive way would be perfect.  A few trees in the front yard would be nice.  Oh, and there had to be lots of equipment, any kind of equipment.  There was only one thing it really needed and that was a Sugar House.

Guess where Pesky found?

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