What is that noise?

Woody the Wood-Mizer Sawmill

Woody the Wood-Mizer Sawmill

The noise changed.  Now it did sound more like some kind of a saw.  “What is it?” he wondered.  Pesky couldn’t take it any longer.  His curiosity got the best of him.  Off to explore he went.

On his way toward the intriguing sound, he spotted a house.  How had he missed the house?  He was so excited about the field; he had not noticed the house at the top of the field.  That would have to wait because that noise was amazing.  High pitches, low pitches, buzzing and now it was beeping.  Beep, beep, beep…

As Pesky approached the source of the noise, he noticed an orange piece of equipment. That meant it was not a John Deere.  But, this place had equipment, too, another plus on his list.

Pesky was still curious.  He had no idea what this long orange thing was.  There was a log on it.  A human was behind it.  There was a round saw blade that went through the wood.  When the human was done, it looked like he had made a board.  This must be what they call a Saw Mill.

This was an intriguing place.  More exploration was needed.  What do you think Pesky will investigate next?

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