The Sugar Maker




061113Brad had two very special people in his life, Lester William Presby, Sr. and Mary Katherine (Nihan) Presby, Brad’s grandparents.  They lived in Bath for over 70 years, on a farm.  They had cows, horses, chickens, pigs, a great garden, rolling fields, and a porch with sittin’ chairs.  They were good people, great neighbors and always had wonderful things to say about everyone.

Lester was Brad’s inspiration for making Maple Syrup.  On a farm what do you do in the spring?  Can’t make hay! Can’t plant gardens!  Can’t even watch the pigs play!  Making Maple Syrup was about the only productive thing to do in the early spring.  Couldn’t even sit on the porch in March!  At least making Maple Syrup, was an added value to the household, therefore: productive and useful.

Lester built a sugar house across the road from the house and the maple orchard was up in back of the farmhouse.  Some of the trees still stand today, high in the hills of Bath.  There are many fond memories from those days and nights in Grampa’s maple orchard and sugar house.  And it was there that Brad learned the art of making Maple Syrup.

For many years Brad helped his grandfather with the gathering, and boiling.  He watched closely, and learned the ways of the ‘old sugar maker’.  There were lots of stories, lots of fun, but also, lots of work.  It all seemed so natural.  Sugaring is something that gets into your blood.  Either you love it or you don’t.  In Brad’s case: He loves it!

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