Pesky’s Search

Over hill, over dale!

Over hill, over dale!



Pesky hunted high and low for his ideal place.  His quest took him over hill and dale, river and stream, country roads and highways. He traveled near and far.  He looked left, he looked right, he investigated this, and he investigated that.  He saw lots of things along the way.

Each place Pesky looked at had some wonderful attributes.  Some had wonderful views.  Mountains were abundant in this part of the country.  Other places had plenty of oak trees, which would mean plenty of food.  Some places had lots of equipment, great places to store things.  Some places even had the beautiful stone fireplaces.  But there was something missing with all of them.

Pesky got very excited at one time.  He came across a Sugar House.  He jumped for joy, he did somersaults, and he yipped and yowled, and shouted with glee.  “Oh, boy!  This has to be the place!”  But as he got closer, he noticed many disturbing factors.  There were broken windows in the house!  That wouldn’t be warm and cozy.  There were cars without tires in the yard, no warm place on a heated engine.  The stone fireplace was missing stones, ok to have loose ones, but not missing. But worst of all, no one had been in the Sugar House for years!  That one factor alone would not do! A Sugar House was essential to the well being of Pesky.

So with a heavy sigh and a tear in his eye, Pesky continued his search!

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