Pesky’s Search Continues

Pesky 070813Pesky continued his search for a place to relocate.  Over hill, over dale, over river, over stream, over country roads and over highways he went, yet again.  Searching each and every corner, plateau, intersection, and cross road.  He saw some beautiful places and some not so beautiful places.

Thinking that he would never find his ideal spot he thought about what he might be able to live without.  What are the things that mean a lot, and what are the things that don’t.  How was he going to be able to give up anything that was on his list?

Did he really have to have that stone fireplace?  No, not really.  But it was a warm place to store nuts and seeds.  Those stone do get nice and toasty and it was a joy to get your breakfast and get your tootsies warmed at the same time.

What about the field?  What good was a field?  Depending where it was located in conjunction to the buildings, a field is valuable for viewing purposes.  Never know when danger is coming but visibility is such an advantage.

What about the equipment?  Well, when equipment gets used, that means the engines get warm.  Well, the winters are cold, so any opportunity for warmth in the winter is a good thing.

Ok, but the Sugar House!  That is a must.  Just have to have a Sugar House.  There are no ifs, ands or buts about it.  You see, Pesky not only has a sweet tooth, but all of his teeth are sweet.

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