Pesky Finds a Field



Pesky came to a river and needed to get to the other side.  The water was flowing just a tad too swift to go for a swim, so he looked for an appropriate place to cross.  Maybe it would narrow up and he could find some rocks to jump on.  Getting his toes slightly wet would be ok.  Then all of a sudden, he spotted a bridge.  Oh, the wonder of humans!

After crossing the bridge, Pesky thought about following the river for a distance.  Rivers offer many advantages, but being curious, he decided to go up the hill and investigate first.  He could always retrace his steps and follow the river another day.

Up the hill he scurried.  By the time he almost got to the top of the hill he was tired.  Before his eyes, a beautiful field appeared!  There were big rocks strategically placed around the field.  There was a spot where a garden had been.  That was a plus!

Pesky ran into the field to explore.  He fell in love with the field!  He ran from one end to the other.  He found rocks to bask in the sun on.  There were trees to climb on, berry bushes to munch on, wild flowers to gather seeds from.  This was looking like Heaven!  Pesky was exhausted.

Pesky decided to stay for the evening just to see how it felt.  He climbed into an old hollowed out tree, wrapped his tail around him, and fell asleep.  Will Pesky make this his home?

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