Mixed emotions

After discovering that the noise making orange thing was a sawmill, Pesky had mixed emotions.  First of all it was a great piece of equipment and that meant a few things.   1) Warmth in the winter, but only if this sawmill worked in the winter, but 2) it sawed TREES!!!! Trees were wonderful.  They were meant to stay planted in the ground, not be cut and sawed into boards.

Pesky would have to think about that some more before he could make a final decision whether it were a good thing or a bad thing.  But for now it was ok, and he would explore some more.

The sawmill didn’t move from where it was.  It was not like the John Deere tractor beside it.  That moved all over the yard.  That was good.  Chances were that the tractor would be a good warm place this winter.  It also had nooks and crannies to hide nuts and seeds for the winter.

Pesky sat high up on a limb watching the blade of the sawmill go back and forth while the boards on the pile grew larger and larger. That looked like a lot of work, but the human didn’t seem to mind.  Methodically he moved from the mill to the pile, put a new log on the mill using the John Deere tractor, and went back to the controls on the mill.

By the end of the day the tree pile was gone, but the board pile was large.  It did not take very long to saw up all the logs.  Amazing how quickly a tree can change form.  Trees are good hiding places, but a stack of wood would be another good place to store food for the winter.

This place had lots of possibilities.  What else was there to explore?


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