Labels for maple syrup jugs

Our new labels

Our new labels

When we first started making maple syrup, we put the syrup in plastic syrup containers that had a New Hampshire label on them.  That worked well, but we wanted something more distinctive, something that meant more to us.  So we searched for an alternative.

At the time, McLure’s Honey and Maple Products, who has the Bacon Jug Company, had a litho gram of the Mt. Washington Hotel.  How fitting, with the family holdings, the picture of the hotel was meaningful.  That worked for a while, was very attractive, but lots of other people were using the same jug.

We wanted something more, something that we could call our own.  We came up with a logo with an orange maple leaf and the letters PMF for Presby’s Maple Farm.  We had address labels, stationary and business cards with the cute orange logo.  We used that for a short period until we discovered our new logo.  And what a beautiful logo it is.  When we saw it, we knew it was special.

We wanted our label to stand out.  We wanted it to be ours.  We wanted it to mean something to us.  We wanted a brand that we loved, so we engaged the help of Seventh Street Graphics in Berlin to help design a label.  They did design a label and we have been so happy.  The colors of the label are exquisite, and the tagline superb.  We could not be any happier.

We think we will keep it for quite some time.

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