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Pesky jumped down from the railing, ran around to the glass door to get a better look at what this lady was cooking.  He saw oatmeal, flour, oil, eggs and a jug of something.  The labeling on the jug was not familiar.  It did not look like anything Pesky had seen.  The shape of the jug looked like a Maple Syrup container.  “A Maple Syrup container!” Pesky repeated.

He got so excited he almost fell off the deck.  He shook himself once, twice, almost three times before he jumped off the deck to look at the rest of the property.  He could not be that fortunate.  He was not that lucky.  He had looked at so many places and had been so disappointed that this could not be his dream place?  Or could it?

Running around the corner of the house at a dead run, Pesky didn’t even see the car that was backing out of the driveway.  Fortunately being small and low to the ground it was easy for Pesky to “Freeze” and avoid being hit by the turning wheels of the car.  This was a maneuver that had saved Pesky’s life on more than one occasion.

It was a little silver Jeep with a lady driving.  It was not the lady he had seen in the house.  This must have been a neighbor.  She didn’t even see Pesky.   She tooted her horn as she turned left out of the driveway.

Pesky stood still for quite a few minutes.  This was disturbing; he had almost been run over.  He had to think about this place some more.  Maybe it was too dangerous.

Pesky was so shaken up that he had to find a tree to climb to calm down.

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