Bird Feeder


Upon waking the next morning, Pesky stretched, rubbed his eyes and looked around.  This was a lovely place, the thought.  But before he could make up his mind if this was the place or not, he had to see what else was around.

Pesky discovered that he was hungrier than he was curious, so he hopped back to the deck to find some more morsels.  Easy pickings were better than foraging.

No such luck.  He had found and eaten all of the crumbs the day before.  Nothing else had been dropped, yet.  A treat once in a while was better than no treat at all.

Pesky jumped up on the railing of the deck to look at the view.  There was a snow covered mountain top off in the distance.  There were other hills with homes dotted across the hill sides.  Funny thing, he didn’t see any other houses close to this one.  He knew there were some.  He had passed them on his way here, but he could not see a single one.

As his eyes scanned the view and the front yard, there before his eyes was a well stocked bird feeder.  Heaven again!  With eight hops, a run up the tree, and a jump to the feeder, Pesky started feasting on the abundance of seeds, and suet.

This was going to be a great place to stay for a while, and maybe if other things went well, this might be the dream home he had been wishing for.

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