Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder

Upon waking the next morning, Pesky stretched, rubbed his eyes and looked around.  This was a lovely place, the thought.  But before he could make up his mind if this … Continue Reading →

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Pesky jumped down from the railing, ran around to the glass door to get a better look at what this lady was cooking.  He saw oatmeal, flour, oil, eggs and … Continue Reading →

Pesky on the deck

A House

Pesky started thinking about his surroundings.  There was a beautiful field, there was equipment and there was a house.  The House!  That was next to explore!  Up the driveway he … Continue Reading →


Mixed emotions

After discovering that the noise making orange thing was a sawmill, Pesky had mixed emotions.  First of all it was a great piece of equipment and that meant a few … Continue Reading →

Woody the Wood-Mizer Sawmill

What is that noise?

The noise changed.  Now it did sound more like some kind of a saw.  “What is it?” he wondered.  Pesky couldn’t take it any longer.  His curiosity got the best … Continue Reading →


Pesky Finds a Field

  Pesky came to a river and needed to get to the other side.  The water was flowing just a tad too swift to go for a swim, so he … Continue Reading →

Pesky's Search Continues

Pesky’s Search Continues

Pesky continued his search for a place to relocate.  Over hill, over dale, over river, over stream, over country roads and over highways he went, yet again.  Searching each and … Continue Reading →

Over hill, over dale!

Pesky’s Search

    Pesky hunted high and low for his ideal place.  His quest took him over hill and dale, river and stream, country roads and highways. He traveled near and … Continue Reading →

Our new labels

Labels for maple syrup jugs

When we first started making maple syrup, we put the syrup in plastic syrup containers that had a New Hampshire label on them.  That worked well, but we wanted something … Continue Reading →

White Mountains of New Hampshire

Where Pesky came from

Pesky came from a large family.  He had many brothers and sisters.  Not only that, but oodles of aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, third cousins, forth cousins (oh, you get … Continue Reading →