A House

Pesky on the deck

Pesky on the deck

Pesky started thinking about his surroundings.  There was a beautiful field, there was equipment and there was a house.  The House!  That was next to explore!  Up the driveway he trotted.

The house was small.  There was a deck on the front.  There was a big window on the front with a glass door.  This was looking really good.  A hop up onto the deck proved to be very rewarding.  Not only was there a spectacular view, but there were leftovers!

Appears that someone was not really skillful at eating and had left crumbs all over the deck.  How delightful!  One person’s mishap was another’s delight.  Pesky scrambled to find every morsel.

Yum!  Graham cracker crumbs.  Not only were there crumbs, but there was a half of a cracker between the house and the outside faucet.  What a find. There were big pieces and not so big pieces.  They were all over the deck.

This kind of treasure meant only one thing – Little kids.  So where were they?  Pesky had only seen one man, the man at the orange sawmill.  So who else was here?  Was there a Mrs.?  Were there little ones?  Were there teen agers?  Pesky hoped not.

Pesky was so curious he hopped up on the rail of the deck to take a peek.  He saw a woman in the kitchen.  She was doing something.  It looked like she was mixing things together in a big bowl.  Oh, she was cooking.  Hmmm, what could she be cooking?

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